Switch is an interdisciplinary annual exhibit created by dancers from around the world to raise money for charity, hosted by Nederlands Dans Theater. Switch provides the dancers of NDT the opportunity to create an entire evening of art and dance. It is the chance to choreograph in a professional setting (with stage, lights, costumes, etc.), take the organizational helm, and delve into the other sides of this artform we may not always experience. It also serves as a platform for any kind of creativity. Switch gives every dancer the opportunity to share their work outside of their daily schedule; it showcases art, photography, poetry and all other forms of expression. Switch is the opportunity to dare to use our voices is a different way. The opportunity to try something else. The opportunity to create and be something new.


It all started in 1988 when the dancers of NDT started informally creating their own choreographies in their free time. Interest grew and soon they decided to dedicate an evening in the studios to showcase their creations to their fellow colleagues, they called this evening ‘Workshops’. World renowned choreographers such as Paul Lightfoot, Sol Leon, Nacho Duato, Jorma Elo, Johan Inger and Medhi Walerski began their choreographic career with Switch. Over the past decades, the project grew in popularity and diversity. Developing a full evening of dance with the greater purpose of supporting a charity, and acting as a creative platform for all forms of artistic expression, becoming the Switch we know today.


Switch is limitless and so is its future. We believe the next step lies outside the studios of NDT; we want to reach out to the dance community, inspire to create, collaborate and share ideas. The launch of this website is a first step to reaching this goal.

Meet the Switch production team

Fay van Baar

Emma Bogerd

Kiran Bonnema

Jesse Callaert

Rinako Iida

Kristensen Haynes

Cassandra Martin

Austin Meiteen

Auguste Palayer

Annika Verplancke

Jianhui Wang

More than dancers.

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We would love to meet you. Join us as a collaborator or donor. Your input is essential to our work, together we can make a difference.